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Wedding Information

Ministerial Services

The date for your wedding must be cleared through a minister of Trinity as well as the church calendar. He or she will then set up meeting dates for pre-marital counseling and to go over your wedding plans. The honorarium for the minister should be discussed during the meeting.

Music - Organist Services

You will need to contact Trinity's office, 419-227-0800 and make arrangements for your wedding. Any type of vocal and instrumental music other than such as is customarily used at weddings must be learned with the pastor in advance. If you are using pre-recorded music, you must provide someone to run the machine. We will train this person in the use of the machine.

Custodial Services

If the custodian must work more than five hours, (two hours before the wedding, one hour for the wedding and two hours for clean up) he/she shall be paid in addition to the set fees*, at the rate of $15.00/hour for the remaining time. Receptions (for set up, service and clean up) will also be at the rate of $15.00/hour. We do not allow the throwing of rice or confetti because of environmental concerns. Birdseed may be used but there is an additional charge of $25.00 if used. Bubbles do not require any additional charge.

Flowers, Candles and Aisle Cloth

You may arrange any suitable decoration in the Sanctuary or Chapel. We have four artificial floral arrangements which you may use free of charge. There are two, tall seven-branch candelabra and two, short seven-branch candelabra available for use. All charges for candles much be paid in advance. Unity candle arrangements will need to be purchased by the couple and brought to the church by the rehearsal. There is no aisle cloth available through the church. If you wish, you may coordinate this with an outside source. The aisle is 100 feet long.

Pictures - Audio Recording 

Pictures requiring a flash or special lighting may be taken before or after the ceremony, or during the processional or recessional. Pictures not requiring special lighting may be taken during the ceremony as long as it is not disturbing to the ceremony. No photographer or other persons taking pictures during the ceremony are permitted to move or stand in such a position as to be disruptive of the devotional atmosphere of the occasion. If you would like to have an audio recording of the ceremony, please advise the church office two weeks in advance. This is payable in advance.


Please respect the spiritual nature of your wedding by refraining from smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages on church property.


*Please contact the church office for fees; 419-227-0800

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