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Who We Are

Trinity United Methodist Church Lima Ohio

Trinity is about helping persons of all ages grow in their faith and their experience of God’s love. Through biblically grounded classes, workshops, retreats, worship experiences, book clubs and share groups, we deepen our faith and grow in our capacity to love others.

As followers of Jesus, we are an externally focused congregation, reaching beyond typical boundaries in love and service to our community. We believe that “faith is what we do,” that each person is called and gifted to serve God in unique ways, and that together we can make a difference in our community.

And so we study the Bible, offer a community breakfast and “free store" each Sunday morning, pray for persons' needs, have family retreats, offer resources on healing and recovery, praise God in dynamic worship, host 12-step groups, lead youth discipleship groups, provide nursing home ministries, engage in community development, partner with other churches, address justice issues, embrace children in loving and fun ministries, have youth retreats and work camps, build churches in Mexico, serve at a soup kitchen, have women’s retreats and more.

Trinity United Methodist Church Lima Ohio

From our base of ministry in a beautiful gothic stone church in the heart of the city, we are passionate about our faith in Christ and are compelled to share Christ’s love in tangible ways. Everyone is welcome. Please come.

Trinity United Methodist Church Lima Ohio
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