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Ways to Give

United Methodists pledge to uphold the Church with our "prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness." These five words represent significant parts of our faith journey. This pledge places "gifts" – which includes our financial giving – as an important part of our growth in Christ. The following sections explain ways to give to Trinity and how these gifts support Trinity's ministries now and in the future.


At Trinity, the Stewardship Committee plans and runs an annual financial campaign to support the ministries for the coming year. In addition, Stewardship oversees the work of the Wills & Legacies Committee and the Endowment Committee.

During the Annual stewardship campaign, members and friends of Trinity make estimates of giving to provide for the overall staffing and operations of the church. For helpful information on determining your estimate of giving, please click the link below.

Wills & Legacies

The mission of the Wills & Legacies Committee is to encourage planned gifts to Trinity's Endowment Funds through educational programs, information, and relationships. The Wills & Legacies Committee encourages members and friends to give planned gifts and bequests to Trinity. All gifts are used according to the donors' wishes and there are options for all income levels. To explore some of the types of gifts you may make to strengthen the ministries of Trinity and see how the gifts are used, please click the link below.


When Trinity receives planned gifts and bequests, the Endowment Committee invests and uses the gifts according to donors' wishes and Trinity's needs. Over the years, Trinity's ministries have been blessed through the foresight of persons making these gifts. Click the links below for options regarding Endowment Gifts.

Time to Thrive

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